Skyleader software

Download the software

Click below to download the software according to your operating system. If you're not sure whether you need the Windows 32-bit or 64-bit see here.

You will be sent to a page as below. Click download and you will be prompted with a location to save the file. Click save.

Extract the software

The file you download will be a .zip file which needs to be extracted before you can use it.

Right-click the file and select extract all. A new window will appear asking where to extract the contents to.

By default the same directory the .zip file is in will be the directory the contents are extracted to.

If you want to place the contents elsewhere click browse and choose a location, the click extract.

The extraction can take a few moments so please be patient.

Create a shortcut

Once it's done you can create a shortcut on the desktop for ease of access by right-clicking the skyleader2 application, then send to > desktop (create shortcut).

Creating a shortcut on the desktop and renaming it