Register for an account

Double-click the Skyleader application to open it.

The flight path records will save in the cloud so please make sure that your computer is connected to the internet, otherwise the software cannot be opened.

Click register

Read through the Terms of Use, check the "I understand and agree all terms forementioned" box and click next.

Fill in your name, primary email, and password.

You may also provide a backup email (optional).

Click send verification code, wait a few seconds and a window will appear confirming the verification was sent. Click ok to close it.

Check your primary email and look for a message from RegisterBot with the subject: Skyleader User Register Verify Code.

Make a note of the 4 digit code and go back to the Skyleader application. Type the 4 digit code into the box and click ok.

A window will appear confirming your registration was successful. Click ok to close it.

After clicking send verification code you have 2 minutes to check and enter the code. If you run out of time just click send verification code again.

Log in

The primary email you used during the account creation is your account along with the password you created.

Enter them both in the respective fields and click log in.