Training records

Click the training records tab at the top of the screen to access the records page.

Select the dates containing the historical records you want to lookup and click search to populate the table below.

Draw the historical records on the map

Check the line items in the table you wish to show on the map and choose a colour from the corresponding dropdown for clearer line differentiation.

You can hide any records by checking them and clicking hide. If you wish to reveal them again simply toggle the "show as" to hidden, check the records you want to see and click show.

Click the draw button and wait for the progress bar to complete.

The flight path records will be drawn on the map and data displayed in analysis charts below.

The buttons to the right of the map allow you to switch between map view, detailed table view, full-screen map and full-screen chart.

Changing the track name

You may wish to give the track a more meaningful name, i.e. the pigeon ring number.

To do this double-click on the track name (track info column) and type the name and press enter on your keyboard.

The name cannot contain special characters such as ( ), [ ], { }, < >....,etc. These will cause the map to display an error.