Set the start date and time

Install the battery

Ensure the battery is charged and insert it into the ring as shown in this video.

Set the time & date

Open the Skyleader software and choose the COM Port your ring reader is connected to (for more information see: how to find which COM port you are using)

Choose the departure date.

Enter the departure time using a 24-hour format.

You may wish start recording immediately, in which case simply enter the current date and a time 5-10 minutes in the future.

Choose the logging mode according to the approximate flight length, i.e. a short training chuck might be 2 hours (2HR) while a more long distance flight may be 10 hours (10HR)

Place the ring in the reader

Click the set up the ring button and wait a few moments

"Departure Time Setup Successfully" will show on the lower right corner when the ring is set and the GPS will turn itself off until the chosen date and time.

Any existing data on the GPS ring will be deleted when you click on set up the ring.

Once the departure date and time has been set don’t remove the battery or you will have to set the departure date/time again.

After the pigeon returns remove the ring ready for track reading.